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How Often Do You Need A New Family Photograph

You should have a new photograph of your family whenever the number of people in your family changes or every five years. Studies have shown that displaying family photographs is important psychologically to everyone, especially children.


look fabulous

Let's Talk Fabulous

Great photographs start with the right clothing, environment, lighting, posing and a touch of photoshop. So we talk about that when you call to reserve your session.

photographs and albums archival

Photographs and Albums That Last A Lifetime

Brown's Photography prints your photographs and albums with archival ink and paper. Take care of them and they should still be around in 100 years. This is your history. Preserve it well.


display framed pictures

Display Your Favorites

Put your favorite photographs out where you can enjoy them! Decorate. Add a frame that enhances your photograph. Frames are the jewelry of photographs! Use frame alternatives to switch things up a bit.


display framed pictures

Reserve your Session

Creation fees run $39 for 15 minutes, $59 for 30 minutes and $99 for one hour. You can have your session here at the studio indoors or outdoors. Anywhere in the Lake St. Louis area. Boulevard Park, Quail Ridge and the Lake St. Louis Community Center are some of my favorites.

Venture out to St. Charles County for a $10 location fee. Or to St. Louis for a $15 location fee. Sessions are by appointment only. Reserve your session by calling 636.561.8711 and paying your Creation fee.