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Restore Old Photographs

The older photographs get, the more important they become. Someone tapes them in an album, carry them in wallets until they fall apart. . . Restoration is in order to fix them.


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Add People To A Photograph

Never the best answer. But sometimes the only way. This can be accomplished on my photographs or yours. They key is that the lighting, posing and background are as close to the same as we can get.

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Remove People Or Objects From Photographs

Again. Never the best answer. But when someone photobombs your photograph and you don't want them there, or there is an object in your photo you didn't realize it. . . many times the photograph can be fixed.


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Create An Album From Your Digital Images

You got your images and now you don't know what to do with them. Custom album design and layout is one of my favorite things. Plus, you can get archival albums that will last your lifetime.


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Your Photographs Need Some Help

You captured some awesome images, but they need a little help. You took a million images and they need to be edited down to a reasonable number. Help is here.


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Call for an appointment for me to take a look 636.561-8711. Retouching and restoration run $20 per hour and any photographs printed are at half my regular prices. For example, a printed, archival print is a discounted $7.50.